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We are the trusted experts in Software Engineering

XCenter Solutions Ltd is a European software engineering research company, headquartered in Estonia. We do world-class technology research and develop the innovative methods, tools and frameworks that help practitioners improve the quality of the software products.

We focus on the customers for which quality and time-to-market are primary concerns. We are a reliable partner for IT corporations with a wise budget-spending approach. At the same time, our customers don’t take risks of quality and security issues.

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Distributed IT Teams Efficiency Increasing
Software Project Initiation Documentation
Software Products IP Rights Protection
Distributed Multi-team Software Development

We Create a Wide Range of Solutions

Andriy Eremenko
Andriy Eremenko
Math & Statistics / Sociology
Master Degree in Mathematics. 10+ years of experience as analyst in sociology. Andriy has completed more than 100 focus groups, expert surveys...
Vitaliy Vasenkov
Vitaliy Vasenkov
Human Interaction Management / Risk Management
Master Degree in People and Operational Management. He previously worked as a Chief research analyst of logistic processes at one of the largest...
Yaroslav Sarafannikov
Yaroslav Sarafannikov
Math & Statistics / Data Science
Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics. 15+ years of experience in mathematics and Matlab, SPSS/SAS using. Yaroslav has created more than 60 data...

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