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Software Development Quality Management System

XCenter QMS™

Innovative SCRUM-based Quality Management System for use in distributed multi-team software development

XCenter QMS is an unique Quality Management System, based on ISO 9001:2015 requirements and adapted for distributed multi-teams project management. Application of XCenter QMS allows us to build an effective development process according to the world-class standards.

XCenter QMS consists of 4 elements:

  • Framework*
  • Project Knowledge System
  • Project Security System
  • Quality Assurance System

*The XCenter QMS core is an unique Framework with SCRUM functions as a container. So, it is the SCRUM – compliant software development framework.

Basing on the risks of remote development projects, (identified by Gartner’s research), we adapted XCenter QMS to address the risks. The created technology reduces their impact significantly.

There are TOP-5 risks of the remote software development and our solutions

1. Difficulties of remote control

Framework, based on Agile principles

2. Privacy loss

Project Security System

3. Project knowledge loss

Project Knowledge System

4. Dependency on external service provider

Quick teams replacement in case of force majeure with the current team.

5. Development quality decrease

Quality Assurance System, which is based on the modern techniques of software testing and code peer-review.