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XCenter Solutions Ltd is an European telecom software engineering company, headquartered in Estonia with its back-office in Kyiv, Ukraine.

We do BSS & OSS cost-effective customizations to leverage telecom business advantages.

We focus on the customers for which quality and time-to-market are primary concerns. At the same time, our customers don’t take risks of quality and security issues.

Our potential customers are: MVNO, LTE, IPTV, WiFi AP and M2M/IoT service providers.

Our Team

Andriy Eremenko
Math & Statistics / Sociology
Master Degree in Mathematics. 10+ years of experience as analyst in sociology. Andriy has completed more than 100 focus groups, expert surveys…
Anton Sytnyk
VP of Engineering (Telecom projects)
Oversees and manages B\OSS, Web self-care and Data Migration projects.
Vitaliy Vasenkov
Chief Executive Officer
Master Degree in People and Operational Management. He previously worked as a Chief research analyst of logistic processes at one of the largest…
Yaroslav Sarafannikov
Math & Statistics / Data Science

Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics. 15+ years of experience in mathematics and Matlab, SPSS/SAS using. Yaroslav has created more than 60 data…

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